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Trance Demonstration

by Derek Jones C.S.N.U.  President of Broadgate National Spiritualist Church

These two demonstrations of Trance Mediumship were given on 15th March 2011 and the 17th April 2012 at Coventry Broadgate Spiritualist Church.

Members of the audience were invited to write down their own questions before the demonstration began. Later these questions were read out to Derek's spirit guide who provided enlightening answers for the benefit of all present.

You may now share in this knowledge and wisdom by listening to the live recordings that were made on the two evenings of the trance demonstration.

Please click on the link below to start the recording...

Emma Hardinge Britten Lecture

by Rita B. Jones D.S.N.U. of Broadgate National Spiritualist Church

To listen to the lecture please click on the 'play' button to the right of Rita's photo...

Emma Hardinge Britten is one of the great historical figures of Spiritualism. She was born in London in 1823 under the name Emma Floyd. From an early age Emma was demonstrating her abilities as a Spiritual Medium by relating accurate information about deceased relatives of whom she had no prior knowledge.

After growing up Emma moved to New York in 1855 to pursue a career in acting on Broadway. One year later she was launched into fame with an astonishingly accurate revelation about the hitherto unknown disappearance of the steamship Pacific which was disclosed to her whilst in trance. After the New York Times published an article describing the incident Emma was invited by the famous Spiritualist, Horace Day, to host séances.

She deepened her involvement in the Spiritualist movement as a 'trance lecturer' and delivered many excellent speeches across the USA. In 1870 Emma married Dr William Britten from Boston and from 1878 to 1879 she and her husband worked as Spiritualist Missionaries in Australia and New Zealand.

Emma was inspired to define the 7 Principles of Spiritualism in 1871 by the communicating spirit of Robert Owen in order to summarise the philosophy of Spiritualism.

She later returned to England and founded the Two Worlds magazine for Spiritualists in 1887 which is still published every month!

Emma passed to spirit in Manchester, England in 1899 at the age of 76.

Please click on the link below to start the recording...

Derek Jones C.S.N.U.

Rita B. Jones D.S.N.U. as Emma Hardinge Britten
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