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50th Year Re-Dedication of Broadgate National Spiritualist Church   Eagle Street   Coventry

Official Party attending the re-dedication ceremony held at the church on Saturday 24th January 2009


Members of the Official party :


Minister Eric L. Hatton, Honorary President of the S.N.U. 


Mr David R.Bruton O.S.N.U. Financial Director S.N.U. Chairman and Executive Director of Psychic News and National Warden for Broadgate Church.


Mr Graham J.Hewitt LLB, Trust Property Coordinator


Mrs Rita B. Jones D.S.N.U. G.S.S.N.U. Church Secretary, Treasurer and Vice President of the West Midlands District Council.


Mr Derek J. Jones C.S.N.U. L.S.S.N.U. Church President


Minister Eric L Hatton, Honorary President of the S.N.U. was the Officiating Minister. He knocked three times on the outside of the main entrance door to the church seeking admission.


The official party was admitted by Michael Prentice, Chairman for the Service.

Minister Hatton in his address spoke about Spiritualism starting in Foleshill, Coventry, in 1889.


In 1905 the Coventry Spiritualist Union had been formed at the Alexander Coffee Tavern.


In 1911 the Church moved to New Hall, Bull Street.


In 1926 the Church met at Vicar Lane. This was in Broadgate, Coventry, which is how the name was formed.


In 1928 the Church sent an application to the S.N.U. Building Fund, paid in 5 and the Church members passed this at a meeting on 27th September 1928.


In 1941 the meetings were moved to Cox Street and this was the Church's home until 1959.


Minister Hatton spoke about attending Cox Street when Mr Coe was President.


The Building Fund pool was asked to provide 8,000 to build this Church after saving for 31years in the Building Fund. This was passed due to the redevelopment of the city centre by the Council.

For this building in 1958 the title deeds were witnessed and declared to be called Broadgate National Spiritualist Church. The membership of the Church was recorded as being 61 full members and 12 associate members.


In 1958 the application for 8,000 was passed by the S.N.U. Building Fund Pool for 20 years. This was repaid in 16 years and Mr Gordon Higginson presented the Church with the title deeds on 31st January 1974.


Minister Hatton spoke about a ring he was wearing today which was passed on to him to him from Minister Gordon Higginson who served this Church every year for many years.


The Seven Principles were read by the Chairman, Michael Prentice


Minister Hatton presented the Church Keys to the President Derek Jones C.S.N.U. and also a Certificate to represent the re-dedication of the Building.


Minister Hatton then read out a letter to the President from Mr C.S.Coulston B.A. General Secretary of the Spiritualist National Union.


Rita B. Jones, Church Secretary, then spoke about her memories of Broadgate Church. She recalled...


"I attended Cox Street in the 1950's with my Step Father Ernest Clay from Batley Carr taking the service and he also took the service at Parkside Church. I then began to sit in circle with Alf Swann and Arthur White, both Presidents of this Church.


"In 1964 Bob Woolham was President, then came Linda Hully and Kit Pyatt, who is now Edith Morgan, who I am pleased is here today as she is now 98. I sat on her Committee in 1964. Olive Smith, who is now Olive Billington, is also here today.


"Doris Cowley was Vice President and she raised funds for the railings outside the Church. Miriam Tovey cannot be here today, is still a healer and is 90. The Membership in 1959 was 10 shillings a year or 50p as we know it now. Mrs Connie Mallett


"Mrs Fear, Mrs Bates, Flo Pocknell, Mrs Villette and Mrs Harrison were all pioneers of this Church and are now in spirit.


"I remember the picture at the back of the Church showing the lamp shades as red and white striped gas heaters on the ceiling over burning the top of your heads.

"And the rostrum as showing on the picture is still in the garage and Mr Coe who was President at Cox Street, then at Eagle Street. He was a Church member since 1922. I remember him sitting on the Committee as an Honorary Member and an adviser to the Committee and Mr Arthur White was Secretary.


"Vera White was Vice President when Arthur was President and she is represented here today by her Son David, I was also Vice President, then President of the Church. The sign outside the Church as been repainted last year and you will notice it on the original picture of the Church. The fence was added later and was also repainted last year.


"In the past we have had many great Mediums who have now passed to the higher life such as Gordon Higginson, Albert Best, Coral Pologe, Battling Bertha Harris and Queenie Nixon, to name a few.


"As Medium's Secretary this year I have arranged a 'Special' once a month to help us pay for other things to be done to the Church. Mediums such as Colin Bates, Gerard Smith, Jean Skinner, Leah Bond and Pauline Thornton, Brian and Mary Gledhill and three Suppers, Aura photographs and various workshops. We will be once again raising funds for Myton Hospice in memory of our former Vice President Corrine Malin."

Tributes were then given by Mr David Bruton D.M.S. M.B.A. O.S.N.U. Financial Director of the S.N.U. Chairman and Executive Director of Psychic Press and the National Warden of Broadgate Church. He gave apologies for the absence of Minister D.P.Gascoyne, President of the Spiritualists National Union.


Graham J. Hewitt LLB, Trust Property Coordinator.


Minister Dorothy Hudson, Honorary Vice President of the S.N.U.


Edith Morgan, a former President of Broadgate National Church

Scott Harris, a member of Broadgate National Church.


Aileen Davies C.S.N.U. Secretary of the Healing Committee for the W.M.D.C.


Jo Blackwell, Walsall Church, presented flowers to Rita Jones


President Derek Jones C.S.N.U. thanked everyone for coming and the organist Geoff from Stourbridge Church for playing the music.


The 50th re-dedication event then concluded with an excellent buffet meal which was enjoyed by all present.


Other photographs from the 50th Anniversary celebration...

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